Who does this guy think he is?

Let me say that I do not know this for certain but I would imagine that Billy Graham, Billy Sunday, DL Moody, AW Tozer, and others did not have instant success in the ministry.  I would imagine there were times in the beginning where their names were not what a person wanted to see on the invitation.  Whether it be the pastor of a church, a person receiving the invitation to attend the meeting or what have you.  At the starting point their names did not bring in a crowd.  I can imagine a pastor wanting to have a revival meeting and seeing their name on the list thought to themselves “can we not find a real preacher?”  Now however (if they were all still alive) they could send a letter to almost anyone and the recipients would be elated at the possibility.  

I am not saying that I have nearly the oratory skills or Biblical knowledge of these men but I do have two things in common with them.  One is passion for lost and hurting people.  A deep longing and desire to see people come to faith in Christ, and not just those outside the church.  I long to see those that know Him come into a closer and more intimate relationship with Him.  Second is Jesus.  I serve the same Lord as they do.  You see it was not their name that got them to where they were it was His name.  

The Bible says Jesus has a name above all names, He has a place of supremacy above all else, and it is in His name that I go.  In my own name I will not go far, and right now I am nowhere (at least it feels that way) but I serve a great and mighty King.  One who does not call just to abandon.  He does not give passion without a way to live it out.  Even though it feels that way right now I know He will make good on His calling as long as I am open, willing, and obedient (and Lord knows I am trying).  

A verse that has stuck with me for about 10 years now is Numbers 23:19.  It says “God is not a man that He should lie, nor a son of man that He should repent.  Has He not said and will He not do, has He not spoken and will He not make it come to pass”  Now that is a promise if I have ever heard one.  It says that when God says it that settles it, and I love that.  I have had a few “dreams” in my life that I know where from God.  One was how He showed me I would learn.  It was and is beautiful, but it is a hard road because it bucks the conventional system.  It is a path that not many walk, and to be honest I do not always want to walk it because it is harder than the standard path.  But it is what He as for me.  So even though I cannot send letters to churches and get a response because my “name” is not what someone expects or wants to see, I do go in a “name” that is beyond what my name could ever be.

So who does this guy think he is?  He is a son of God and servant of Jesus Christ, and that is a name to be proud of.

Just a thought,


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