New Year = New Word

Sowing and Reaping

Seeking, Saving, and Pruning

When we Don’t Understand (5/24/2020) given at Forward Knoxville

Fully God and Fully Man

Dreams and Service

Hagar and Prayer

Casting our Burdens or Chucking the Junk

Encountering God on the Kentucky Flyer


What does it mean to forsake all and follow Christ? is it just about letting go of stuff?

This is really a small part of a larger conversation about identity but I wanted to focus in on Paul’s topic in Romans 6:18-20.

Here is a little teaching on making sure our focus is right when serving God. In the end, this means our service and faith must be grounded in God Himself and not our desires or wants.

Below is a three-part series that looks at what happens when we accept the call to fight the fight of faith and do what God has said.

Fight time! What does wrestling have to do with the life of faith? – Part 1
Praying in the tension – Part 2
Why bother with fighting anyway? – Part 3