Party and Salvation

People in NOLA love to party and we love to throw parties. Recently we had a block party and the turnout was great. We had about 150 people, 300 pulled pork sandwiches, bounce houses, music, and a salvation.

We don’t always think of a party as a spiritual event but heaven seems like it will be a party to me. After all we will spend eternity with God with no pain, no suffering, no worries, no war, just us and God. Sounds good to me. A lady came to our party and started talking to Andre and Julie. As the conversation progressed she talked about not knowing if she would go to heaven. After listening to her a bit more they simply asked her if she would like to know she can have eternal security and she said yes! Andre and Julie prayed with her and she received Jesus. It was an amazing time and makes us want to party!