Clean out the Fridge

One of the many benefits of cleaning out the fridge besides regaining all of your Tupperware is that you realize where you are actually at in regards to your food supply. Leftovers while great for a day or two loose their luster after a week or two. Not only are they no longer appealing but they also cause a certain amount of deception. You think you have food in your fridge, you think you have what you need because the there is no room for anything else. The problem is you do need food but what is taking up the place of fresh food is garbage.

We do this with our lives too. We leave things in our life that do not need and should not be there. We think we have everything we need because there is no room left, but the truth is we need to clean out our lives the same we clean the fridge. Sometimes it is easy and sometimes it is hard. Whether simple or difficult the fact remains that you need to clean out your fridge. Yes it will be pretty disappointing afterwards because your life might appear to be a little empty, but the truth is that your life is not empty but ready to receive.

Your life is just like your fridge. If it is full of crap then there is no room for anything new and better. Throw out the garbage and then it will be ready to receive new and better things.

Just a quick thought,

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