A Brand New Series

Today I am starting a new series called what does the Bible says about it. I cannot say how frequently I will add to this series because some questions require more research, but I will do my best. If you like what you are reading and would like to donate to the cause and help me continue to publish articles like these and others you can by clicking here.

The idea behind this series of articles is simple and started with a question. The question was do I believe that when we die, we go straight to heaven because that is what I have read in the Bible or because that is what people say? It is a simple enough question, and it is also the first one we will look at but the idea behind the question is larger.

Do we believe certain things because it is what the Bible says and teaches or because we have been told that is what the answer is? In all things we need to go back and see what the Bible actually says and means in its message, language, and context. Yes, context is important. Context is important because words only have meaning in context. For example, if I say I am so hungry I could eat a horse do I mean I could eat a literal horse or a large amount? Or am I talking about the size of my hunger and not the size of the meal I intend to eat? When we look at the attire in a church should women still have their head covered or was that a cultural thing and we need to understand the culture behind it?

First a disclaimer I do not live in a mental, emotional, or cultural vacuum. I do have preconceptions and they will bleed through. I am going to do my best to just present the facts as I see them but as best as I can tell pure objectivity does not exist. Some questions are simpler than others and some are more complexed and nuanced. That does not mean that there is no truth. I am not a relativist I believe that there is absolute truth for important topics, but some things are simply preference. For example, what ice cream is best? The answer is it totally depends on your tastebuds, history, family, mood, etc. But a question like did Jesus rise from the grave? Yeah, I see no option but yes based on history and the facts of the early church (yeah, I went there).

So, soon we will have our first post looking to answer the question “when we die do, we go straight to heaven?” This should be fun. Also you can submit your own questions and so we can play along together.

Just a thought,


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