2 Peter 1:3-4

Much energy has by been used by Christians in praying to receive power from God to overcome sin and live a godly life. Peter writes in his second epistle in 1:3 that we have everything required to live a life for God. A believer need not struggle for the power to live a godly life any more than Adam had to struggle to take his first breath. Adam’s breath was given to him by God and the power to live a life for God comes from God. God did not expect those who were in sin to suddenly turn and by their own might obey Him but because of His glory and goodness, He called us and equipped us for that very life. Peter continues in verse 4 by contrasting the natural life and the divine life. He says that we as believers now share in the divine nature and escape the corruption that is in the world because of evil desires. This by default contrasts the two lives first our original life characterized by evil desires and second God’s divine life that is goodness and love. We are given, because of God’s love, the one thing that makes godly living possible that is Christ in us. His nature has become our nature not that we become gods but that God has come to empower us to live for Him.

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