Sinless or Sin less


Just a quick little nugget for you on this fine Tuesday.

A lot of people myself included either beat themselves up or have beaten themselves up because they still fall short. Somehow we have this idea that because we have Jesus and are found in Christ that we should be sinless when really we should be more concerned about sinning less (a little wordplay).
I like the way Rick Warren said it “we’ve had our defects so long.” What it means is when you come to Christ He forgives you right then and there no question about you are forgiven, but that does not mean you leave all your baggage at the door. No, instead you bring all that into your relationship with Christ and now He is helping you unpack all that luggage. You swear like a sailor and cuss out the mailman because your mail got wet because that is what you learned growing up. You talk bad about someone when their not around because that is how you were taught to deal with your issues. You drink like a fish because your parents did. Whatever the issue(s) are the thing is Jesus is not mad at you because you are not sinless but he wants you to sin less. He forgives you and asks do you know why you did that? Then He continues the work of helping you overcome that thing. It is about choosing Jesus over sin. Yes, you should feel bad about sinning. It is bad to sin, but you are not defeated just human.

Just remember God is not sitting up there waiving His finger at you in disgust. No, instead, He is calling you unto Himself so you can be the person He made you to be; sinless in Christ, and learning to sin less while on Earth.

Just a thought,


3 thoughts on “Sinless or Sin less

  1. I was about to comment an answer to your title until I read your last line. You hit it on the nail. We are both. We are sinless because of Christ and by the Holy Spirit, we are working towards sinning less.

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