Not on Probation


I had always assumed that the disciples were all called at the same time. I am not sure why I did this, I suppose it is because we think of them as a group. By not paying attention to the surrounding episodes I missed some import things that occur when each is called. Matthew/Levi specifically jumps out at me. I knew Matthew was a tax collector and no one liked tax collectors because of that I let the story go that far. However by reading the surrounding episodes I see a bigger picture. Matthew’s calling is recorded in-between two episodes of Jesus. The first is Jesus forgiving and healing the paralytic man, and then Jesus dining with sinners and saying that He has come for the sick and not the righteous. These three episodes together show that when Jesus calls you into service He does not call and place you on probation, but you get full rights. I have always thought of myself as accepted but being watched closely, however, that is not what Jesus did here. He spoke about forgiving and showed what it means when you are forgiven. Matthew was given full rights as a disciple, so am I, and so are you!



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