Unnecessary Spiritualization

We are discussing some mistreatments of Scripture in class and the topic of spiritualization came up. It got me thinking that if we spiritualize Scripture (unnecessarily) do we remove the possibility and/or need for application? For example if we turn tent pegs into Jesus have we removed any other point that can be applied to a life for the sake of a story that provides no actual instruction or usefulness. It might make a good story, and sound wonderful but what is the value, what is the point? It becomes some abstract thing that I can do nothing with. At best it can only go that far (the story) and now application for an individual believer’s life is removed because application is easy to get from meaning but application is hard to get from spiritualization because it now means something I cannot actually grasp.

Now I cannot think of how to apply the tent pegs of the tabernacle into a message but that is besides the point.

Just a thought,


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