Real Issues….No thank you.

If I see one more thing on this lion that was killed I am going to tweak! On the average day there are 3,287 people sold or kidnaped and forced into slavery. There are also 21,000 people that die of hunger and hunger related issues. And not to mention the 900 daily abortions from PP. That means that since this lion was killed we have lost 98,610 people to slavery. Lives that are forever changed if not dead in a few years. 630,000 have died because of hunger. And 2,700 babies are gone due to abortion. This does not include the thousands that die due to drug related causes. But please go on and continue to lament over a dead lion. Lets make sure that the whole world knows his name. Let’s be sure to cause an uproar over it and let us make sure that the world knows that we will not stand for a dead lion. Lets get together and cry hold hands and talk about it because that is better than doing something about real issues, issues that affect our brothers and sisters. Issues that affect real human beings. Let’s not do anything about because that would require actually paying attention and we can’t do that because if I notice those issues if I really pay attention to them then I would also have to take a look at myself and see that there is really one thing I care about and that is me and mine.

We can cause a freakout fest over the lion because it does not really matter or affect me at all. I can complain and yell but at the end of the day it is still just a dead lion. If however I look around and see the real pain that is happening every day I have to admit that something real needs to be done and then I have to do something about it. I have to take real action and that would require something of me, something I am not willing to give. It would require me to give the one thing I care most about. I would have to give me.

Just a thought,


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