Law and Grace

When we review the “test” in the Bible, the different encounters people faced (the heroes of faith) we should look not so much at the particular test but what the point of the testing was.

The same could be said of the “law.” Instead of looking at the letter we should look at the spirit of the law and determine what was that law meant to teach or protect against then we can better understand God Himself. In giving the law God was giving pictures of Himself. He was giving insights into who He is.

Jesus fulfills the requirements of the law so we do not have to. We have no need to sacrifice bulls and goats. But we have lessons we can learn from the law. For example we can look at the law against coveting and see that it is not good to covet. Why? We are to seek God first and not worry about what to wear or eat or drink or where to live. We see in the law the command not to, and in Jesus we see the reason. We also see in Jesus the new ability in us to not covet.

Just a thought,


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