Does the TV count as company?

Does the TV count as company? Does a book? What about a video game? FaceBook? I could go on and on, but I think the point is made. In case it wasn’t do the things we give our attention to count as company (that’s better)?

I think they do because they are created to take our attention and pull us into that world. You generally watch a show or movie and “escape” into it. You become connected to the characters and stories. You are saddened when they die, or lose their love. You rejoice when they win. When Captain America is being all awesome you feel good and maybe your arms start twitching like mine do (as if I am beating the bad guy). If we were not connected to them we would not spend our time with them we would just change the channel or grab a different book.

So my new question is this; What kind of company do you keep? 1 Cor 15:33 says Do not be deceived: “Evil company corrupts good habits.”” So does the company you keep corrupt your good habits? If you are like a lot of people you can look at that verse and think “almost all my friends go to church” or “I only hang with people who are decent” or whatever. But if the TV and Book company you keep at home is not good then you don’t actually keep good company.

Now don’t think I am shooting down anything in particular. I have no idea what show or book you are thinking about right now but I am willing to bet that most of you are thinking about something. Just know that whatever you are thinking about right now is for you to continue thinking about. Maybe it is not something you do now but did before. Just take that to prayer.

One other thought on how evil company corrupts good habits and this really got me thinking.

I was at a store yesterday and there was this loud mouth kid (early 20s maybe) talking about the last time he got arrested and f this and f that. I mean he was really putting on a show for these other kids. I know him because I was him. I could hear the forcing in his voice trying to sound like I don’t care but I could hear the hurt in his voice. Anyway his actions started to rub off on the lady standing next to me. She started saying things that just did not seem to flow out her mouth naturally. She was letting the company around her influence her language and actions. I left the store realizing the awesome power and responsibility (Spiderman influence) we have and how we have to use it carefully.

None of us are above letting the company around us change our habits either. Galatians says a little yeast works the whole loaf. Do not deceive yourself and think that only “weak” and immature” people deal with that type of stuff. Pride precedes the fall.

Just a thought,


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