A thank you from my wife


Hello everyone! I am home from Haiti and wow what a week! I wanted to thank each one of you for your financial support and prayers. This was truly a dream come true and I am sure this is my first mission trip of many. God showed up big time, He poured out His love on us as a team everyday so we were then able to go and share His love with the people of Haiti. We went thinking we were going to change the lives of the Haitian people and instead they changed my life forever. We did do a lot, we hiked a mountain and brought food to a group of people who are unreached and went into the city of Les Cayes to visit the first Assemblies of God church plant there. The building is still being built.  We ran a few kids programs while we were there and in the three services we did we reached over 700 children with the love of Christ. We had a blast loving on these kids. We went to the village of Scipion and ministered to the community.  There is a school in this village with about 30 students we brought them rice and fun things like bubbles and balloons we even brought some jump ropes and had fun playing with them. When we arrived at the school the entire community came out to see what was going on, so when it was time to pass out snack to the school kids we didn’t have enough for the other children in the village, this broke my heart. The young boy in the picture with me here was one of the kids not apart of the school. He was watching as each of the school kids received snacks and the look on his face brought me to tears. I sat under a tree with him and played with him and prayed over him. This little boy changed me. I pray for him and the many like him daily, that he will find Christ and grow to be a man of God. My heart rejoiced as one of the school boys came over and shared his snack with the children by the tree. He didn’t give out of his of his plenty but out of the little he had. May we all be like that little boy who made a difference in the lives of those kids that day. I have been forever changed by the people of Haiti, and I thank you for being a huge part in that. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without you and I am extremely grateful.


Thank you again for your prayers and Support.

Love in Christ,

Julie Farley

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