Would you look at that.

I have been thinking about something.  OK a lot of things but specifically the design of the earth and skies.  I have been thinking about the stars in the sky, the way a tulip opens and closes, the way bamboo grows, and so on.  I know that we can look at these things and explain why they do what they do, or how this has to happen for that to happen but I want to look at it from a different perspective for just a minute.

When I build or draw or create some other way I do it not just for functionality but for expression.  I do it so you can understand a little something about me and about what I was feeling or trying to say at that moment.  I desire that you look at it and say “Mike was saying….”  Should I think God any less seeing as He is the Master Creator?

An amazing thing is to realize is that God does not change (Hebrews 13:8) so if He was trying to say something then He is still saying that thing.  So if He creates so that the heavens declare His glory or so that he skies proclaim the work of His his hands then they are still saying the same thing now that they said then.  I realize that they look different now because of time, pollution, and sin but they are still beautiful and amazing to look at.

So what is God trying to say in this beautiful tapestry of creation?  Is there a message in it all?  I think there is.

I think two things God wanted to communicate with the work of His hand was I am lovely and amazing.  When I look at creation I see beauty and love.  I see a God who says I created all this because I am good.  I am good and I love you.  I don’t understand how you cannot see the love of God in a bise laugh, or the bright sun, or the opening and closing of a flower.

I know there is darkness out there and you can find that if you want, but there is also love and beauty out there if you want to see it.

Just a thought,


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