To all the single parents

I am in no way comparing myself to a single parent, but I do have much more respect for them after this week. Being the only parent in the house I am exhausted. Every single thing that needs to be done falls to you. Rest ha! Relax ha! Have a thought that does not involve doing something for someone else ha! I am very fortunate to be able to work from home so I can do dishes on break (in theory) or do laundry at lunch, but even with that I still do not sit down to rest until about 9. Then I still have stuff to do but I can do it from the couch.

So to all the single parents regardless of why you are a single parent I salute you! Keep up the good work, and continue to fight the good fight, because those moments where you see them smile and put into practice something that you taught is absolutely priceless.

OK breaks over time to do dishes….

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