Dancing before God

I was just thinking about David dancing before the LORD.  If you read through the story starting in Chapter 5 you see that David defeats the Philistines and then wants to bring the Ark back to his home.  After he places the Ark on a cart it goes to fall Uzzah goes to brace it and the LORD struck Him dead.  God said in Leviticus 10:3 that He is holy and will be revered as holy by the people, but David and Uzzah forgot this for a minute.  David being afraid decides not to take the Ark back with him but leaves it Obed-Edom, but once he hears that God has been blessing Obed-Edom he decides to bring the Ark to his house.

David now has a better insight into who God is.  He is capable of punishment but He also the provider.  David is so happy and has so much joy that he dances the whole way.  He was dancing in such a way that his wife was embarrassed to see it.  She even tells him this in 6:20.  But David’s response is what I want to focus on.  He says in 6:21-22:

It was before the LORD, who chose me instead of your father and all his house, to appoint me ruler over the people of the LORD, over Israel.  Therefore I will play music before the LORD.  And I will be even more undignified than this, and I will be humble in my own sight.

When David understood how great God, and how God is the one who gave him his position he knew he needed to praise God.  He knew he needed to praise the one worthy of praise.  God is so big, so mighty, so powerful, so amazing that He has to be praised.  Not that He should, but He must.  One day everyone will praise Him anyway.  Praising God is not about sounding good (Heaven knows I don’t), it is not about looking good.  It is about humbling yourself before a mighty and amazing God who is bigger than your prayers and desires.  It is about seeing God and then seeing how small you really are.

Just a thought,


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