This morning we were visiting Momentum Church and Pastor Ross just happened to be speaking about small things that can have a big impact.  This is something I wholeheartedly agree with as I think too often we try and make major changes when a slight course correction will do.  Yes sometimes we need major changes quickly but often in life a slight change makes a large impact.  James in his epistle speaking about the tongue being this little thing but can have a major impact in a lot of areas like a small flame, or the rudder of a ship can steer this large vessel.  Small changes in our life can have major impacts.  He also spoke about  finding a word for you for the year.  This too is something I support and have done for three years.  Instead of resolutions I choose a word I want my year to be.  I have used stronger, audacious, and inspiring.  I do this because a single word can be implemented into every area of my life.  Stronger was physically, professionally, relationally, etc.  The same with the other words.  This way I cannot easily fail because there are so many ways to incorporate it into daily life.  During the year I can measure my actions against my word, and at the end of the year I can check to see how I did.

Inspire was a hard one.  I think I had some successes, but that is a hard one to measure.  But like writing a sentence these words will hopefully build a story for my life.  Only time will tell.

This year I am going with indomitable.  I am going after goals with passion, and aggression.  I have decided either I attack my (and my wifes) goals or I stop having them.  No more excuses, no more desire only, no more waiting.  The time is now, and I will not be stopped.  Win or lose I will give it my all and give God the glory.  Sink or swim I will be in the water.

I am not going to announce my goals because I have heard that once you tell people your goals and plans you feel a certain sense of accomplishment so I will just update as I go.

What about you?  Do you have a goal, a word, a desire?  I highly suggest you pick a word and run with it.  You can choose anything, just pick something and then you have all year to get there.

Just a thought,


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