Joy to the World

Christmas is tomorrow!  I remember as a kid hardly being able to wait for Christmas.  Christmas Eve was usually spent in agony waiting for the day to finally arrive.  I used to try and make myself go to bed early just so it would finally be Christmas.  Now that I am grown up (at least in age) and have children it is not much different.  To see the joy they have on Christmas morning is wonderful.  But there is one thing that is different now.  There is something that has changed.  Now I have Christ in my heart and life.  Now I have redemption and forgiveness, and that has drastically changed how I view Christmas.

Before I start let me say I do not know exactly when Jesus was born, and to a large extent I do not care.  From an academic point of view I enjoy the topic and discussion but really it makes no difference to me.  If it was September, October, June or December it would not change what Christmas is.  Christmas is Joy.  Joy to the world.

I was thinking the other day about Mary, and how she was waiting to deliver her baby.  Thinking about how all Jewish women from Eve to Mary were hoping that the baby they were carrying was the Messiah.  Mary knew the baby she was to deliver was the Deliver.  Think of the centuries of anticipation.  Then I started thinking about the Angels and the Earth.  They too were waiting for the Deliver to come.  The angels did not know when He would come but that He would come.  The Earth did not know but it knew.  They too had centuries of anticipation.  That is why the angels sang they had been waiting to see this day.  When the king would come.  

This year when you sing Joy to the World sing with rejoicing that you do not wait for Him to come the first time.  Now we sing with anticipation for His return.  

Just a thought,


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