1/4 Inch That Is All It Was

1/4 inch that is all it was.  A small bone growth only 1/4” by 1/4” yet something so tiny caused so much blahh.

I should probably explain.  For the past few days I have been feeling a little more tired and just plain blahh.  I figured it was just because of everything that was going on until today.  I had a tooth removed a few months back and the spot where the tooth was has been bothering me for two days.  I thought I stabbed it with a chip.  Turns out there was a small bone fragment growing there.  After a few minutes of playing dentist I got it out.  It was not pleasant and I bled a small amount but I was able to get it out.

Sometimes we have something either infecting or growing in us that needs to come out.  It does not belong there and it’s continued presence will only cause more discomfort.  Of course the alternative is more pain and discomfort than leaving it alone, but only for a short time.  In this example I already feel generally better.

Hebrews 12:15 warns that we should let no root of bitterness grow and cause trouble.  Simply put if something is growing in you that does not belong there it will cause trouble.  But what can cause a root of bitterness to grow?  Honestly a lot of things like, unforgiveness, anger, malice, and such.  Maybe you were passed over for something you should have received, you are now angry and cannot let it go.  Bitterness grows.  Maybe you were hurt by someone you love, you do not forgive them.  Bitterness grows.  Maybe, maybe, maybe.  Bitterness grows.  I cannot know your story, and I might now want to.  But what I do know is if you do not remove the thing that does not belong you will not feel like you should.  You will be tired, have a headache, or the 50 other symptoms of bitterness.  Regardless you need to remove it.

Here is the thing about it though.  It is going to hurt a little maybe even a lot, but once it is out you will start the process of recovery.  My suggestion is to go through the momentary pain and discomfort and prepare to heal.

Just a thought,


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