What’s the Point

Good evening all,


Just a quick word on the whole point of this blog.  First I know what you are probably thinking “why do I want to read another blog?”  Well that is a good question, and  I would recommend you don’t read this blog.  You have enough things you should be doing and reading.  You have enough commitments and obligations you are already shirking and it would be very unfair of me to place another demand on you.  So here is my promise…..I promise to not badger you, or guilt trip you into reading.  If you do then great if not I will probably just lay down and cry because now I know you don’t love me.  Oh look-e-there  I broke the promise nice and early (whew glad we got that out of the way).


So the topic is what’s the point and here it is….


I love to share with hurting people, I find few things give me the same high as helping people who are hurting and who need to know what true love is.  What makes me an expert on hurting people, well honestly nothing.  I am no expert on hurting people but I do know what it feels like to hurt.  I know what it feels like to hurt yourself.  I know what it feels like to not want to be anymore .  I know this pain and I want to let others know you do not have to feel this way anymore.  I want to let others know healing has come.  I am what some might refer to as a “Bible Thumper” or a “Holy Roller” and sometimes a “Born Again” and I plead guilty even though I still do not understand what a Holy Roller is but I’m thinking it has something to do with dice.


Make no mistake every point or thought I intend to present will be Biblicaly based but we have already seen that I can break a promise (see paragraph one).  If you want to read great if not I will still feel like you don’t love me and I will probably cry.


Two last items….

1. If you want to talk or want to have someone share with a youth group, young adult group, church, homeless gathering then just let me know.  I find great joy in sharing where I came from and where I am know in Christ (oh snap I just dropped the C word)…..

2. If my wife does not proof read then sit back and enjoy the lousy grammar and misspellings.

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