2 sides of the same coin (or Jedi vs Sith)

Do you have something that you consider a fault?  Something that some people find a bit annoying?  For example I am what some call stubborn.  When I decide to do something I do it and thats that.  I don’t usually consider quitting an option.  If you ask my daughter what Farley means she will tell you “we never give up.”  I have told her that for years, and now believes it most of the time.  Now I will admit that the trait itself can be bad, but it can also be good.  The flip side of the stubborn coin is persistence, and everyone knows persistence is a good thing.  I find that odd because they are the same trait, one is used negatively and the other positively.  It is all about how you use it.  Don’t believe me just watch Star Wars.  The force is the force but you can either be Jedi or Sith.  You use the same power.  Generally speaking stubborn means you think something then do it.  Persistence on the other hand usually means it was carefully thought out ahead of time and planning was made (usually).  

So whats the point of my little message there?  God made you for a purpose.  He has given you gifts to use.  You can use them for good (Jedi) or bad (Sith), but you have to make a choice.  You have to decide to use them wisely and be more than a conqueror or foolishly and be conquered.  It is up to you.

Just a thought,