Grace AND Truth

I am reading through the Gospel of John and I came across the story of the woman at the well and I can’t help but see a connection between the way Jesus interacted with her and the way she then interacted with the people in the village.

Had Jesus been hard on her for her past she would not have been so willing to go and tell everyone about the “man who told me everything I have done.” Don’t get me wrong Jesus did not sugar coat it for this woman but even after that she was happy and went and told everyone. The reason, I can only assume, was that Jesus spoke the truth in love. Remember that Jesus is full of grace and truth. Don’t miss that He is full of grace AND truth.

I know a lot of people who are full of it but no one, not even myself, who is full of grace AND truth. Some people are big on grace but no so much on truth. Others are big on truth but not so much on grace. Jesus has this amazing way of being truthful, direct, and honest with us while being graceful and dealing gently with us wayward sons and daughters.

Had Jesus just been truth she might not have gone and told everyone about Him. Had Jesus only been graceful she might have just sat around thinking about it. But because Jesus is both she went and told everyone.

I suppose the question remaining is “Are we close enough to Jesus to be like Him and give people grace AND truth?”

Just a thought,


Missed it by that much…..

Max Smart from Get Smart was famous for this line but all too often we as Christians have to say it as well. I can sit back and think about numerous times where I missed what Jesus was saying. Times that I was so close but almost only counts in horseshoes and hand-grenades. In John chapter 4:10 we see Jesus talking with the Samaritan woman and he says to her “If you knew the gift of God, and who is saying to you, ‘Give Me a drink,’ you would ask Him, and He would give you living water.” Now it is often easy for us when we read the Bible to look at the people who missed it with a certain smugness as if to say “if that were me I would have done better” but the truth is we miss it all too often.

How many times have we prayed for an open door and then walked right by it? Or how many times have we asked God to provide and then when He does we think we figured it out? I have decided that I am going to make a more conscientious effort turn the doorknobs and if they open a door I will walk through them as the child of God I am. I will be more intentional with my daily praise. Small or big I will praise Him who gives. I believe if I do this I might not have to regret missing it.

I don’t like looking back and thinking what if, maybe, I’m not sure, should I, or you fill in the blank. I am not talking about being careless and there is a fine line but all too often I personally err on the side of caution and not grace. All too often to I pray when I should act. I am not built for that, and neither are you. We are called out of the world to be active. Our faith is in an active God and we should be more like our Father. After all, if He can speak the world into existence he can surely…….