I am reading through Judges and I have come to the end of the Samson narrative. As you may be aware Samson is no role model. He was vain, selfish, and did his own thing. As far as judges go he is pretty much the worst. We like him because he was strong and killed the bad guys but he is an anti-hero. He married a Philistine woman, slept with a prostitute, and told a woman who repeatedly tried to have him captured how to defeat him. Samson was no role model. In reality, he was the hero Israel deserved at that time. He does, however, show something very important.

Samson was, at times, doing God’s will even when he was doing as he pleased. In one incident recorded in Chapter 15 of Judges Samson killed 1,000 men with the jawbone of a donkey which is pretty impressive. Most hero’s in the Bible would accomplish this feat and name the place after God, Samson names it after the donkey. He then cries out to God for water and God gives him water. Samson then names the place after himself and not God. This sums up Samson pretty well.

17 When he finished speaking, he threw away the jawbone and named that place Ramath-lehi (High Place of the Jawbone). 18 He became very thirsty and called out to the Lord: “You have accomplished this great victory through Your servant. Must I now die of thirst and fall into the hands of the uncircumcised?” 19 So God split a hollow place in the ground at Lehi, and water came out of it. After Samson drank, his strength returned, and he revived. That is why he named it En-hakkore, (Spring of the One Who Cried Out) which is in Lehi to this day.

What we can take away from this story is that God is faithful and full of grace for sinners such as us. Samson was no saint and yet God was faithful. God’s faithfulness and abundant grace does not depend on us.

Paul in Ephesians says that we are saved by grace so that we cannot boast. We tend to think of this saving as when we receive God’s forgiveness but Samson was saved from thirst in his time of need. God saves us from things all the time we just need to call out to Him.

What thirst do you have today? What need do you have that requires God to intervene? Call on Him because He is faithful because that is who He is.

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Solomon, wise but weary

Just a little Sunday morning Bible Study

Chapters 1 through 10 of 1 Kings record Solomon seeking God and following after God. Solomon was wiser than anyone who has ever lived. He was also rich beyond belief. He had palaces and gold by the tons. It says that he did not use silverware but goldware because he was so wealthy. Solomon had everything but it was not enough for him. In all his wisdom in the end he did not apply that wisdom to himself.

In the New Testament we read in Galatians (6:9) that we should not grow weary, or tired, in doing good because at the right time we will receive a harvest. It is not easy always doing the right thing, and it is not easy to help others but it is right. We cannot grow tired like Solomon did. We cannot give up. We cannot forget the promises of God.

Solomon had an eye for the ladies but especially for the ladies God told him not to take as wives. He followed after their gods and broke covenant with the God of Israel. It always happens this way too. When we start to follow after things we should not they lead us to other things we should follow. There are somethings that are straight sin no questions about it but there are other things too. Things that maybe you should not do because they lead you down a path you should not go. Sin and these things will take your focus of God and end the end lead you down a path where you following after other things that take the place if your calling, your future, and maybe even your God.

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What a compliment

I was thinking about Daniel chapter 6 the other day and it stuck out to me that the plot against Daniel is a compliment. Theses other guys were out to get him because he was doing well. Some people just can’t stand when you do well. The better you are doing and the less attention you pay to them the more they hate you and I would say these guys hated Daniel because they ended up trying to get him fed to the lions. But that is not the compliment I want to talk about. No I want to be just a bit more specific. I would rather just point out verse 5 in that chapter because more than anything this is what I would want people to say of me.

     Then these men said “We shall not find any charge against this Daniel unless we find it against him concerning the law of his God.”   Daniel 6:5 NKJV

To break this down a little it means this; if we are going to find fault with Daniel it is going to have to be that following his God is against the rules. Basically they needed to outlaw something that he does in service to his God so there will be fault against him. They needed to change the rules so there would be blame. Daniel was so devoted to God so blessed by him that in order for something to be wrong it had to be said that bad was good and good was bad. That is a messed up system.

Now I could go a few different ways with this, but I am not (at least for now) I just want to say that their hatred for Daniel is a compliment and more so their proclamation that he is loyal to his God is a big compliment one I would say I want made against me. I know I have faults and failures but if there was one I could choose it would be that I am a light shining so brightly the love, grace, mercy, and compassion of Christ that the world is mad at me for turning on the lights.

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