Why Paris

You might be wondering why Paris? That is a great question and it is one we asked when we first felt God’s call to Paris. Paris and France, in general, does not need things like remote villages need. They do not need wells, clean water, education, training, or any of the normal “missions” things. That is part of the problem in our thinking. We think missions are doing those things and it can be but it is also more. Missions is about sharing the love, hope, and freedom from sin found in Christ. Paris does not need clean water but they do need living water. Below are some of the things we have learned about Paris. It seems the issues are not physical needs but internal and emotional ones.

  • One study found most Parisians do not want to live in Paris.
  • The French and Parisians are more likely than any other people to have a major depressive episode
  • Less than 2% Evangelical
  • 1 Church for Every 30,000 People
  • Some of the Highest Rate of Suicide rates in Europe
  • 30,000 +/- are homeless and 9.1% unemployed
  • 44% are Atheist
  • A rise in Xenophobia typically directed at Muslim immigrants and refugees


Our goal is simple in nature. We want to bring the love, hope, and forgiveness of Christ to the people of Paris. How will we do this? The basics are to share the Gospel, be disciples of Jesus, and make more disciples. The details will not be made clear until we get there and that is one reason for this 4-month trip. We will be spending time serving and finding out how God wants to use us for His mission.