NOLA Church Planting

Taking the Gospel to New Orleans and making disciples who make disciples.

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Why New Orleans

In May of 2017, I (Mike) went to New Orleans for a parking conference, and instantly I knew I wanted to be part of church planting and ministry there. I had reached out to a local church planter to hear about what God was doing. He showed me around and the more I saw the more I knew we needed to be there. A few months later we took a family trip and it was clear at that time that ministry in New Orleans was not in the cards however the desire did not diminish but grew. Four years later we took another family vacation to the city. It was not with the plan to see about moving, although that is always there, mainly it was just a get away. This time the outcome was different. God opened a door for ministry with new friendships and a fresh passion to serve the city.

New Orleans is not just a city or an area but a way of life. Church cannot just be a Sunday gathering but a way of life that integrates the Gospel into the everyday. Our prayer and desire is to bring the Gospel into everyday living and let the joy, passion, and love of Christ overwhelm people.

What will we be doing? The church we are working with, Family Church, is (re)launching this Fall and Mike will be working as the Associate Pastor focusing on small groups, administration, organization, and multiplication. This will be a one year position while we learn about the city, the people, and how to best integrate ourselves and the Gospel into New Orleans. The plan is to plant churches that plant churches in a rapid and healthy way to reach our city.

Learn more about Family Church.

About New Orleans

Population of 1 million +/-

Evangelical 15-17%

Parts of the city still recovering from Katrina

NOLA is a NAMB Send City

Prayer Needs

People of Peace
We are praying for and seeking people of peace. A person of peace is a person who is opened to the Gospel and has influence in the lives of others. They not only receive the Gospel of peace but then introduce and proclaim it to others. This is like the Samaritan woman in John 4.

The church in New Orleans is able to provide some funding but we need to raise an additional $3000 a month. This is only 30 families giving $100 a month. We are asking for a 2-year commitment. Click here to become a financial partner.

Spiritual Protection
In New Orleans the spiritual battle is evident. Pray that we are able to resist the devil and his attacks against us and the people God has called us to love and serve.