Missions are at the heart of everything we do. This is because Jesus said to “go and make disciples” and we think He meant it. We believe that our part in missions is to partner with God on His mission. Missions are not just at the heart of God but God is always on mission for His people. God is the one who sought out Adam and Eve after they sinned. It was God who initiated the seeking. It was God who called Abraham to leave his homeland and become the father of the faith. It was God who called Moses. It was God who called Samuel. When we read through Scripture we read God calls to people.

Missions is and can be a lot of things. Sometimes it is going into your local community, serving in prison ministries, handing out food, and sometimes it is overseas. There are different words for each of these types of missions but the important thing is that they are getting done. We (as a family) have done many of these things and now we are moving into a new area. We are working on a 4-month missions apprenticeship to France This is big but this is what God is calling us to, so we go.

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