One thing we are doing to show the status of the fundraising is using the envelope system. There are 190 envelopes with amounts ranging from $1-$190. We are asking that people pray about how they can help and grab an envelope. As people partner and chose an envelope we will color it in until the whole board is colored in (French Flag color!). Once you decide how you can help head over to the donation page below and click donate.

In France, there is only 1 evangelical¬†church for every 30,000 people. This means there is only 1 church for 30,000 people who need the love, compassion, and mercy of Christ. That is crazy to think about. When we think about all the needs from Arab refugees who live in tents to struggling single mothers the need is great and the countless other people it is almost hopeless. But there is hope. Our hope, our goal is to not just bring the hope and love of God to the people of France but to help them go out and do the same. Jesus’s plan is for disciples to make disciples

Donate Here Рhttps://teamexpansion.org/thefarleys/ 

We are truly grateful for every person who partners with us in prayer and finances.

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